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Ok, Lets start with the General tab.
Most of these achievements are really easy but might take a lot of time and/or gold.
I will give tips and try my best to help you with these achievements.

Wooly Mammoh, brought by Mei Francis in Dalaran, costs 2175 Justice points.
Traveler's Tunra Mammoth costs 
Armored Brown Bear costs 750G. 
Not really hard. She is standing close to the entrance of the flight patch in Dalaran.

A Haris Pilton Giantique sack... Ye, not hard. Costs 1200G.
Haris Pilton is found in The Worlds End Tavern in Shattrath.

Camel mount, who doesn't love a big lump between your legs?
There is two ways of geting this mount, a rare spawn in Uldum or Exalted with Ramkahen.
The rarespawn is a small statue that you need to right click and you will be teleported to a place where you can kill a rare camel that drops a mount.

You need gear, or just get exalted with some Cata factions and buy gear you can equip then sell them back.
Or you if you raid, you can ask another player that gets an item if you can borrow it for the achievement.

Same as above.

Chicken, nomnomnom... 
Just go around Orgrimmar/Stormwind and eat/drink anything you can buy. Mage water/food counts, each level of it. So if you miss some and can't find anymore food, just ask some mages. Or check Auction house for cheap food. Dont forget to Booze up. 

 You will need a friend, guildie or yourself with least 450 Engineering for this one.
And you will need these materials. They might be expensive because nobody is farming in Northrend anymore, but you can allways try to check the auction house. 

  • 12x Titansteel Bar [Mining]

  • 40x Handful of Cobalt Bolts [Engineering]

  • 2x Arctic Fur [Skinning]

  • Costs 10G at the Trainer.

    Same as Cata Epic and Superior.

    In Howling Fjord in Northrend there is a place south of Niffevar and a bit south west of Explorers League Outpost where you should have no problems with this achievement.

    Best way is to grab a Paladin friend and make him bubble you while your falling. Other ways are to run of Lumber mill in Arahi Basin, Scryer's Tier in Shattrath or in Throne of the four winds.

    Greedy and Needy works just the same way, lots of ways to do it. Just do some dungeons, easiest. 
    You can invite a friend and go WotLK Heroics, even if he isn't in the instance you will need to roll on items. 

    This might be a tricky one, in different parts of Dalaran there are books lying around, they have ~4 hour spawn time and might spawn fake books, but nobody is in Dalaran anymore, so this shouldnt be a big problem.
    Introduction: Spawns in the Teleportation Crystal room, on the floor.
    Divination: Spawns in Violet Citadel, near the port to Caverns of Time.
    Necromancy: Spawns on top floor of Ledgermain Lodge, in a room with an empty bookshelf.
    Conjuration: Spawns in the Violet Citadel, on the bottom floor bookshelf right of Rhonin.
    Abjuration: Spawns in the Dalaran Visitor Center, next to the chair and bookshelves.
    Transmutation: Spawns on the bottom floor of Ledgermain Lodge, in the empty bookshelf.
    Enchantment: Spawns on the second story balcony of the store Threads of Fate.
    Illusion: Spawns on a box next to the former normal dungeon daily quest giver by Violet Hold

    Just reach level 85, not that hard.

    This one is a bit annoying, but it comes in time, some tips are to run old school instances, they give alot of gold.

    This will take some time, but there is alot of mounts out there, just buy every singel one you can find, there are at least 40-50 from just Alliance/Horde. 

    Same as the above, check Auction house, you might need help by a friend to get all the Alliance/Horde ones, but its not hard.

    You buy this in Dalaran at the Jewelcrafting trainer, costs 8500 gold but its reduced by reputation with Kirin Tor 
    Just go to the bank and buy all the slots, pretty cheap if I remember.

    Shave and get a Haircut irl and you will get this acievement. Or you can try the ingame Barber shops.

    Buy the Master riding skill from a Flying trainer., there is a exelent guide for Pest Control.

    Steam Frog Borean Tundra
    Borean Frog Borean Tundra
    Chicken Shattrath/The Barrens/Elwynn Forest/Azuremyst Isle

    Ewe Shattrath
    Cat Elwynn Forrest

    Cow Elwynn Forrest
    Deer Elwynn Forrest/Darnassus
    Fawn Elwynn Forrest
    Rabbit Elwynn Forrest
    Sheep Elwynn Forrest/Loch Modan
    Crab The Ghostlands
    Gazelle The Barrens
    Swine The Barrens/Durotar
    Prairie Dog The Barrens
    Hare Durotar

    Parrot Un'goro Crater
    Squirrel Darnassus

    Toad Darnassus
    Frog Zangramarsh/Eversong Woods
    Loch Modan/Wetlands
    Skunk Azuremyst Isle/Bloodmyst Isle/Terokkar Forest

    Alpine Chipmunk Winterspring/Stonetalon Mountain/Mount Hyjal
    Grotto Vole Mount Hyjal
    Oasis Moth Uldum/Lost City of Tol'vir
    Rattlesnake Twilight Highlands/Badlands/Tanaris
    Rockchewer Whelk Shimmering Expanse
    Sea Cucumber Abyssal Depths/Shimmering Expanse
    Yellow-Bellied Marmot Twilight Highlands
    Baradin Fox Kit Tol Barad
    Mac Frog Uldum/Lost City of Tol'vir
    Rock Viper Desolace/Silithus/Mount Hyjal
    Sassy Cat Tol Barad
    Wharf Rat Booty Bay/Tol Barad
    Highlands Turkey Twilight Highlands, there you will find a list of every tabard that you can use for this achievement. Try checking the tabard vendor close to the Guild master.

    This is a long achievement, and you will have to travel to a big part of the world. I would advice you to check 
    Like I said, Annoying, just give it time.

    First real post, had some problems with it, but think it turned out not to bad, I am more then happy to answer questions :)


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