Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Next one I will take will be Exploration.
I will not explain how to explore every place, that you will have to do yourself.

First you will need to download a addon called _Npcscan, one of the best addons ever.

This is the one for Outlands, you need to kill almost every rarespawn there is, Its not very hard, but might take some time, just go once or twice a day and look around where they spawn.
Because almost everyone got this achievement and nobody is in Outlands anymore theres barly any competition.

The Northrend might be a bit harder, but not a big same as Outlands one, there is not many left in Northrend, but you need luck, and probobly will have to go up early or stay up late to check for them.

Purely luck based... If someone in the guild gets it, you might have a chance of geting it by using some sort of teleportation, but most likly not. Or you can just wipe on Deathwing when he is released.

Get Hunter, Attack Whale shark, sleep.
This is a sloooow and boring fight, just download RangeDisplay and let someone that can kite do it, kiter needs to be inbetween 8-20 yards from the shark not to get out of range, its pretty easy with even just a few people, dont pull aggro, it will oneshot and reset .


  1. I sucked at these when I used to play WoW :x
    I'd always get bored of it halfway and start doing some other achievements xD

  2. I need to go back to outlands soon.
    I realize now that I haven't been since WOTLK came out, a bit depressing. It must be so empty now.

  3. Thanks for sharing these achievements! Just started playing WoW, so this is great!

  4. words can't... they should have sent a poet

  5. oh WoW... how i don't miss thee ;]