Saturday, April 16, 2011


Quests, Yeeees.

I wont help you with "Do X Quests in this place" would take way to much time.

Not really that hard, when you walk into EPL you will see Fiona, she will give you a couple of quests, just keep doing them and when you get to Light Hope, you will have to speak to a goblin, then you will get the achievement.

In Fuselight, Badlands, there is a quest to punch of goats from the mountain (lol), just punch and run, punch and run, If you ont make it during the quest, you can buy a Goat Blaster from a Gina Gotgoods. You can also use it while on a mount, easy enough.

Talk to a Bilgewater Rocket-jockey at the Northern Rocketway Terminus and take a ride to the Southern Rocketway Terminus.

Never understood this really, but I think its just runing around killing the mobs on the list and you when you get a buff its done with that mob.

This is pretty easy if you know how to do, there is a bug(?) when you press the hotkey again after throwing you will be able to throw again, making it just a matter of not geting hit.

Same here.

These can be hard, but some training and flying mount helps alot.

Luck, just pure luck, Just check the Therazane dailys every day.

Same here.

This is easy, when you fight Glop, just dodge the shrooms he throws, if your meele, then just stand on one side, then stand on the other, then first etc, you shouldnt have problem with this as range.

Ahh, this one, had to help alot of people with this, its not that hard really, Shuffletruffle and Shrinkshroom are in the middle, Poolstool is big and red by the water, and Trapcaps are at the hill.

This one is annoying... When I did it, it was pretty buggy, but think I was able to shoot two shots at once, or you will have to wait untill two groups get close, think its nine in a group, not sure.

God, I cant really remember this, but I think its like jump two stones at the time, then unload some awesome burst then jump of the stone, hopefully you will make it, not sure about if you can get help by some friends, but worth a shoot if you fail the first time.

The addon I told you to get a while back, _npcscan, just add these mobs and its cake.
High Shaman MacKilligan - 46885
Gunwald Greybeard - 46376
Black Recluse - 47115
Dillan MacHurley - 46378
Cliff Thundermar - 46377
Korthalon - 47171

This is annoying, but not to hard, just bounce bounce bounce... Its a bit RNG I think.

Bounce? Almost, RNG, you have about a sec to run to another mine after you land.

This just requires alot of practice.


  1. thats a lot of quest my friend, must of kept you busy

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